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PSPvc Converting Tutorial

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PSPvc Converting Tutorial

Post  Nujhum on Sat Sep 25, 2010 10:12 pm

Well im new here, but i've been using PSPVC for a long time now to convert some of my anime series and movie for my blog.

first thing first, since this is for the tutorial, and many of you guys using the same Converter so it will be easy for you to understand.
but this is just some from my everyday encoding so i'll share some for you.

first i need to explain that not all anime will result the same size and quality after being encode.since some anime length are 24minutes, 30minutes, and movie goes 1hr 40mins and so.
but dont worry, in the PSPVC setting under ADVANCED tab, all you need is to play with the Constant Quality.

for anime that length 24mins = set constant quality to 32 for 60+mb, 30 for 70+mb , or around 28 for 90+mb .
for 1hr 50mins = constant quality 24 for 440+mb .

but if any of you guys have some info about how to convert movie that length 1hr30 - 2hr to 300-350mb please do share with us.
please do remind, that the size of the original file doesnt have anything to do with the file size after encode, all that matter is the length of the video that will determine the size after being encode.
i will keep updating this topic after experimenting the other time length.

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